Here are some startorial looks from the Diesel Black Gold Spring 2015 Ready to Wear runway collection shown at New York Fashion Week.

I think Diesel is going for a refined punk aesthetic with this line, but the star shape is always going to be celestial to me. Here’s a great video from minutephysics explaining why we see and draw stars as different shapes even though they’re round balls of gas burning billions of miles away.












Space Bedding

Here is the link to buy.

pablophonic, which one you want? 

Grabby hands

So much want.


Theres got to be an amazing pickup line here somewhere

I want the upper left one so bad. Ohhh my gosh.

Gonna sleep in spaaace



Sleep among the stars! Just calling these “galaxy” bedding doesn’t do the images justice - they are galaxies, massive stellar clusters, star-forming regions, and more. We’ll have a post identifying the original space telescope images soon…



Meteorite Section Tee, available NOW! Chic. #chic #meteorite #ootd #MeteoriteSection #tee #space #shadowplaynyc #shadowplaynycme #moda shadowplaynyc

Rooooooocks frooooooom spaaaaaaaaace….
Love it!

Spotted in Columbia’s Astronomy Department today: graduate student, Lauren Corlies, in her awesome robot print dress from Forever 21. Sadly the dress is no longer available online on their US, but it is still available to ship from Canada!

Regardless, Lauren will be “forever” rocking it. 

- Summer

First startorial sighting of New York Fashion Week! I haven’t had much time to review the shows for more, but I’ll keep looking…



What happens when you get a group of scientists and writers who love science together? An epic T-shirt Tuesday is what. 

From left to right in the top photo:

UCSD chemistry professor, Seth Cohen, rocks his “I’m going to try science" tee from Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Writer, Amy Berg, shows off her collection of time travel devices in style thanks to bustedtees.

Yours truly saw this starry jcrew tee in store last week and had to have it. (It comes in both green and cream.)

Writer, Nicole Pearlman, flies high in her airplane graphic tee she scored at Comic Con back in 2013 (still investigating possible online availability…). 

Writer, Eric Heisserer, preaches the cold hard truth with his galaxy t-shirt from redbubble

And writer, Gary Whitta, keeps it simple with his Captain America targetstyle tee. 

Special shout out to Rick Loverd (bottom photo) for his amazing Nicolas Tesla/David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust mash-up available from the Binary Winter store on Etsy. 

Great geeky minds totally think alike. ;) 

- Summer

Miscellaneous Monday as Manicure Monday! I was in the drugstore the other day, giving the nail aisle a sweep as I am wont to do, and saw these fun new polishes from revlon made just for us astronistas. 

Two new lines of polish, Sun Candy and Moon Candy, should have all your celestial moods covered. Each polish is actually 2-in-1. Sun Candy options are solid bases with glittery overcoats. Moon Candy shades are solid bases with holographic topcoats.  

It’s going to be hard for me to not buy them all! 

- Summer




Wishing for a dreamy weekend. 

Why does ‘dreamy’ means stars?! Stars are physics! Gravity and thermodynamics and quantum mechanics! They’re real! Not that I don’t love these things…

dreamy to people who cant achieve it, like me :’)

Good point! I guess I see astronomy as fundamentally achievable, or at least understandable, even though it seems esoteric and intractable at times. That’s part of the reason we have this blog! Why do you think you can’t achieve it, if you don’t mind my asking? (What do you mean by “achieve”?)


Here is a design curated by Bobak Ferdowsi and modeled by the lovely Ashley Johnson: Nebula Wavelengths! This is one of many designs we want to make a thing IRL! Help us make it happen! Click through the link and back our campaign to make MOAR #NailsForNerds!

We need these! The Messier 81 galaxy observed at different wavelengths of light reveals differences in structure, composition, temperature, and more! We’ll even forgive bobak for being an engineer. ;)