Descience (fashiondescience on tumblr) is a non-profit dedicated to fostering collaborations between science and fashion to “provides science with a new language and gives fashion a new source of inspiration.” We like them already. 

Their current project is the Descience Fashion Show. Forty-five teams of designers and scientists have come together to create a look inspired by scientific research. From now until September 26th, you can vote for your favorite team/design, All teams will participate in a runway show at the end of September hosted by MIT Media Lab and the winner will be announced on the runway. 

It’s a pretty impressive display of talent and it’s inspiring to see what the cross-pollination of science and fashion can produce. 

Thanks to @20tauri for bringing them to our attention!

Now to see if we can get an invite to the show…

- Summer

It’s a cluster of adorable teddy bears from @moonroomkids, now in more spacey patterns! #Repost from @moonroomkids with @repostapp —- Galaxy print teddy bears #galaxybear #galaxyprint #fabriceddybear #spacebear #astronomy #etsy

Cosmic Converse & the field of green #seattle #sounders #soccer #sneakers

Paging @sumrtime! from @refinery29 with @repostapp —- We can’t wait to blast off into fall with this stellar @coach sweater. ⭐️🚀🌙 cc: @idahariri

#Hero #EMP #Seattle #scifi #StarTrek #Uhuru

Experience Music Project knows what’s up (out there). #EMP #Seattle

Spotted in Bainbridge, WA: Toms metallic star ballet flats! #toms #shoes #flats #balletflats #stars #tuesdayshoesday

Everyone’s favorite meme has been launched into space! Now you can show your space pride and be uber hip at the same time. Both items are available from hottopic. (ht to @dalcantonJD)

Very wow, much awesome, go space. 

T-shirt (mens only, booooo).

Trucker hat.

- Summer

I’m not a girly girl by any means and I don’t even wear nail polish every week, but something about the prospect of cosmic nails has made me an addict. Every time I see I drug store, I head straight to the nail section to see what new products I might find. You’d be surprised how the stock can vary chain to chain and even store to store. 

Sometime this year I found these fantastic blue star decals from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects line, but I haven’t come across them again since (except from various Amazon vendors). Note: it’s worth keeping an eye out for new designs though as they seem do special collections and limited edition decals pretty often. 

Then just as I busted them out last weekend, I stumbled upon this starry glitter polish (Hollywood Walk of Famefrom Wet n Wild. As cheap as it may be, I still couldn’t resist. Maybe once my decals chip off, I’ll give it a whirl for next Manicure Monday…

- Summer