Land’s End was in the news over the summer after a parent posted a letter on facebook asking why science-y shirt offerings were so different for boys and girls.

The clothing company received praise when they added new science-y shirts for girls (top row - I love the rocket blueprints, even though it says “manned”), but the offerings are still far from ideal.

Boys have a lot more options, none of them with sequins. There are glow-in-the-dark moon shirts for boys and girls, but only the boys’ shirt has a NASA patch.

And only the boys get this t-shirt of Curiosity’s rocket crane landing on Mars (sorry, bobak!).

I guess I wish we could just find “space” or “science” kids clothes without having to pick “girls” or “boys” first.


If you’re better at controlling your startorial spending than I am, you might be looking for a way to stash your cash - how about cosmically?

Orion Nebula wallet from dynomighty

Stars Wallet from Karma Wallets

Cosmic Wallet (Available here).


I gave a talk on the Moon last Friday night, so naturally I had to dress the part! Thanks to my fellow Startorialist, Emily, for lending me her shadowplaynyc Moon Tee. I paired it with my crater-esque earrings which were a birthday gift from way back when. 

Special guest appearances by Lauren Alloyce and Camilla the awesome space chicken.  

Now to go purchase a Moon Tee of my own so I can dress like a lunatic any time I want… 

- Summer

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Thursday, on my way down from Ohio to Nashville, TN to attend Wizard World comic con with my boyfriend who lives there (whom I haven’t seen in a month and miss very much!), my car broke down. I was able to make it to a repair shop and told I was lucky for that. They couldn’t immediately fix the problem, because it was late in the evening, but got me going enough to get home on back roads.

In just a few weeks, I am moving to Nashville and I also work a full and part time job, aside from making and selling hand made cosmetics, so my car is pretty important to me! It is being fixed today, but emergency car repairs of this amount were definitely not in my budget. So it’s sale time! I’ve lowered the price of all of my full size bottles of nail polish to $8! Even the holographics and brand new colors. This sale will run at least through 9-28-14!

Nail polish sale to help cometvomitpolish fix her car and move to Nashville! If there was ever a time to stock up on Teal deGrasse Tyson, this is it!

We were alerted to this star skirt from gap via our twitter, and it turns out they have a ton of star print clothing! Most of it is for babies or kids, though, so I’ll save everything except for this dress, denim jacket, and adorable toddler sweater poncho (I really wish is came in adult sizes!) for another post.

Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Golbeck for the starry suggestion!



A recent experiment conducted by Ilse Cleeves at the University of Michigan suggests that much of Earth’s (and Solar System’s) water may be older than the Sun, and likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space. So one of the most essential things in our lives dates back over 4.6 billion years.

I think the famous picture above (author unknown) becomes pretty relevant now. I will probably imagine something like this the next time I reach for a glass of water, a liquid with a 4.6 billion year history.

Not to mention, the study indicates that abundant, organic-rich interstellar ices should probably be found in all young planetary systems and that would obviously have implications for the emergence of life elsewhere. Read about the team’s work here»

The creator of the image is Melzzeny on DeviantArt.

(via sci-universe)

Why not space up your look with specialtybowsbybianca? She makes them in four startorial styles (Green, Blue, Purple, Moon), five different sizes, seven different finishes (barrettes, clips, bands) plus bow ties! The possibilities are nearly, shall we say, astronomical…

The green bow reminds me of Hubble’s view of the Carina Nebula (although I’m not sure I’ve identified exactly the right image). And wouldn’t the Luna bow look great with a Moon tee or gown?

Thanks to Owlice for finding these!


This is stretching the concept of #TBT pretty far (from throwback to throw pillows to bedding), but the image on this bedding from CBedroom on etsy is of spectacular stellar nursery IC 2944 was released last year to celebrate 15 years of the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope.
The star-forming region is 6,500 light years from Earth so we’re seeing it as it was 6,500 years ago, too. So really, for astronomy it is always Throwback Thursday.

CBedroom has several other astronomical images in their etsy shop, and this is one of the first times I’ve seen something made with IC 2944. I love finding new sources of startorial inspiration!