I originally spotted this cardigan on @ClaraMoskowitz at the 223rd AAS meeting back in January (top images). It was a gift from her father (awwww!) and she didn’t know where he bought it, so these photos languished in my backlog until my sister sent me the DIY version made by starsforstreetlights's friend Emily!

From there it was a rabbit hole of awesomeness like only astronomy, DIY, & the Internet can provide. The original sweater is from anthropologie, and the DIY possibilities are seemingly endless! Dina of Honey & Fitz developed more detailed instructions with a beautiful result (bottom five images). She accidentally used glow in the dark embroidery thread which is just about the best example of serendipity possible.

I haven’t had much time, patience, or skill for DIY projects recently, but this one seems easy enough for a beginner with lots of possibilities for creative variations - beads for stars with exoplanets? Sequins for deep sky objects? Sew all the things!